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Alcohol limits for men

Engage Your DrinkSense

Smart drinking starts with DrinkSense

Whether you choose to drink or not, alcohol is a part of our society and there is a lot more to know than you might think. DrinkSense helps you make sense of it all so you can make smart and informed choices about alcohol.

For starters, what’s in a drink?

Some drinks might taste stronger than others but, when standardized, they all have the exact same alcohol content.

It’s Science

341 ml (12 oz.) 5% beer is a “standard drink” too. You guessed it, it contains 17 ml of alcohol, as much as in spirits or wine.

142 ml (5 oz.) 12% wine is also a “standard drink”. It contains 17 ml of pure alcohol.

43 ml (1.5 oz.) of 40% alcohol is a “standard drink”. It contains 17 ml of pure alcohol that your body has to deal with.

  How much is one drink?

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines

These guidelines are based on the average person but the effects of alcohol vary greatly from one person to another so it’s important to know yourself. Weight and size, genetics, family history, mixing alcohol with other substances or medications, stress, hunger and lack of sleep can all change the way alcohol affects you.

For Gals

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guide for Women

For Guys

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guide for Men

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission reminds you not to drive impaired.

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