Yes, you can still have a couple

Yes, you can still have a couple

Social events such as parties and alcohol often go hand-in-hand. Keep in mind, most things are better in moderation, including alcohol. Everyone has a better time when friends and family members drink responsibly.

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guideline

15 drinks per week for men. That’s three standard drinks on most days, four on special occasions.

For Men
Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guide for Men


10 drinks per week for women. That’s two standard drinks on most days, three on special occasions.

For Women
Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guide for Women

Tips to enjoy responsibly:

  • Pour smaller drinks
  • Enjoy spritzers so your drinks have less wine
  • Drink water or flavoured mineral water instead of alcohol
  • Host smarter parties
    • Be sure to serve beverages other than alcohol
    • Serve snacks throughout the night
    • Pace your drinking and when you serve drinks
    • Plan for guests to stay or get a safe ride home so that no one drinks and drives
  • Make sure you have a non-drinking day each week in order to avoid starting a habit
  • Keep track of your drinking – not just per night, but how much you consume each week. Two glasses of wine a night might not seem like a lot but 14 glasses a week can take a toll.

Are all beers created equal?

Nope! The alcohol content of a beer can vary from 1.1 to 11 per cent and up. Compare how your beer choices are adding up to 1 standard drink.
– based on 1 standard drink which contains 17 ml of pure alcohol.

Alcohol Chart

Size matters!

See how many standard drinks are in the beer serving sizes below.
– based on a standard beer at 5%

Alcohol Size Chart

Concerned about your drinking?

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